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Sep. 23rd, 2010 @ 11:20 am
I feel the need to do a tolken update on here now and then.
I'm in Ohio doing the faire here. Not bad. Weather has been nice, better than the humidity of WI i dealt with.
This week I'm in Kentucky visiting my friends on their farm. Relaxing and vacation time this has been.
I only have 2 more weekends working the Ohio show before I'm off to N.Carolina. Looking forward to that. It's so pretty there in the fall. I also am close enough to Atlanta to visit folks.
The wednesday before faire Gogol Bordello will be playing in Ashville, and i might just go to that. Sounds like fun.

Beyond that not a lot going on. Found a gym to work out at in Ohio....seeing museums and such and that's about it. Nothing new or exciting.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Aug. 23rd, 2010 @ 12:38 pm
I have finished 2 weekends of bristol faire now. I really like this faire. Well i don't like the heat, the humidity the mesquitos and sand fleas i was eaten alive by.....but that's why everything else at this faire has to be great to make up for all this shit.
Weekend nights at the Pig and Whistle have been fun listening to music and socializing. The Fajita-rita was awesome on site last week. The site is beautiful and everyone is friendly. Well it helps being an old school rennie too.
I enjoyed spending time in Chicago. So much so i want to spend the week there and see so much more. I can't wait to be in exploreing mercedes mode. I have a 3 day rail/bus pass which means the city is MINE!
Art museum tomorrow....prob the mexican culture art museum wed...I want to go to the natural history museum but i missed the free day of monday. May have to break down and pay money......aaaccckkkk! giggle

Ohio is right around the corner and I find myself single again. I should be used to it. Some drama entered my life in the form of a 25 year old and a break up over text. I'm sure i need to say no more. Glad i'm not the only one he got on his bad side...aka his boss etc. So he has messed up his world if he knows it or not. But putting that behind me.
I have museums boys beth and booze oh my in front of me.
I'm happy to be traveling again but still feeling the longing of going back to school. All in good time.
Current Mood: happyhappy

And gypsy cont. Aug. 13th, 2010 @ 08:42 pm
I made it to Bristol faire just north of Chicago just over the WI border. The trip was pretty uneventful except for the squatting in a not at the time occupied farm house. It had a loft with a mattress and looked like it was only used for storage.
But that was uneventful too. Just slept and left. MAde it here, got a hotel room so i could rest, geek and not be in swealtering heat. Which I pretty much have all day. And tomorrow I get to do it in a costume!

The social aspect of the faire is apparent and I've only been here a day. I've been invited for a Bocce ball team on the 24th. Just learned today how to play. The weekend nights they have pub and grub at one of the local stage/pubs.
I did miss the funky but i think i'll survive. Also looking forward to going and staying in the city with Beth and being a museum geek.
Then to Ohio show for labor day weekend. I hope to have my cuddle buddy back in Ohio. I'll be living in a tent and booth and well he will be in town and carless and prob couch hopping, so not sure how often i'll get to sleep next to him. I've never been a huge cuddle person but I really like sleeping next to him. Even on a twin mattress we made it work with ease.
I'm happy to be back on the road. The future is as always uncertain. I'm missing school so need to get going on that.
Besides that not much. Being Mercedes, doing what i need to do....exploring and having fun while doing it.

off to chicago Aug. 3rd, 2010 @ 03:21 am
I don't know how many are like me but unil i get 100% i don't leave or pack up etc. So i'm kind of anal and i have to have a secure thing. hence why my life has been wishy washy. i don't bank on anyone unless the say a for sure thing. and if they re-send when i get there i WILL sue them for it. I'm not a timid bird. I'm worth money why most people will make a way for me.
Saying that my employer Jenn is as savy as I am. meaning she won't screw me around because we are both buisness people. Looks like Bristol is happening for a couple weeks.
it's been a long road coming, then Ohio the Carloina. Ohio working for a friend, Carolina Jenn again. I really love working for her. she's awesome. When we worked together in the booth in Tenn we were in stero, and laughed at each other. I'm so glad she is my friend and boss.
After carolina...with thanksgiving and all who knows. my sis's wedding is dec 12th. who know's maybe i can do thanksgiving with my second family in atlanta...then drive to Denver and fly to Vegas for wedding. So many options.
I feel so blessed to have wonderful people in my life.
Current Mood: happyhappy

Round and round i go..where i stop...nobody including me knows Jul. 29th, 2010 @ 01:34 pm
My plans have changed 10 times now in fewer days. And no not me being flaky. things falling through. I'm trying to go somewhere where i can make money to support myself. I know odd concept.
Bristol has be a go and a no go at last count 5 times. It was a go until this morning, now prob a no go.
I have two for sure things. I'm working Ohio faire for the first time, and doing North Carolina faire. I did years ago and get to go back...yay!

At this point I think i'll say no to Bristol faire this time, and stay in Denver for August and then go to Ohio.
Now determined not to let the guy that wanted to stay here even if he pays me. He was being an unreasonable dick. I don't mind helping out friends and giving them a place for free if needed. He just wanted to get a free ride while he was out here working...making GOOD money, and didn't even want to help by buying groceries. But he's cook....oh goodie..that's so worth it. *rolls eyes*

I do hate this back and forth because it makes me look like more of a flighty person than i already can be. This time it has been me earnestly trying to do what is best for me to survive take care of myself and not rely on others. Which i don't do often anyway, but still.

Even with selling and giving away half of everything i own i'm in very good spirits. I'm focused, not stressed. Feel impowered to be able to survive and find avenues of change.

Well back to packing......
Current Mood: Focused
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» not a mark
still no idea what i'm doing. dont really care...i'll do what i do. All i know is a guy said oh well you said i could stay at your place, and the guy i am seeing said, she's jewish she doesn't do anything without a profit.
True.....no free rides here. i don't get them you won't either. He is considering living on the very far north end of town with 2 adults and 8 kids...verses my quiet apt down town by his work with no one...but he doesn't want to pay rent. ooohhh weeellllll
maybe i am too jewish....but no free rides.
» loki in my closet
The chinese proverb...may you live in interesting times has indeed cursed me.

most know whats going on. My step dad got laid off by his brother after 22 years in the middle of a show. stupid stupid people. he got a severence. I'm not one to go silent. I worked for sky also....and hell i was banking on that money. I went downt sat, they laid my step dad off fri night, 3 weeks left in the show bad form, anyway i said well i was banking on this money. where is my severance? i don't want to stop working i'll work for you every day i just want to be paid....and she said well if we could afford a helper we would of kept bobby. (first and formost most that know me i don't have a filter, she just called bobby a helper...after 22 years) Made me more insensed and determined. I said, i have rent to pay.And your buisness name is going to be on my 1040 from sky with my name on it, so i work for you. so you either you have me work the last 3 weekends or pay me a severence too. Molly said i was cornering her and she didn't ......
boblo cut in and said give her 500.00. i said i'll work for this...he said no just take the check. I said ok. I heard later from bobby that molly is pissed with me. Oh pissed for fucking standing up for myself?!
i'd do it again in a heartbeat. No one is going to leave me like that. I will confront and demand what i am owed. I will not be a victum EVER! He was a smart man, cuz if he said no i would've stayed in the shop and made a scene...like i have an issue with that.

Boblo says he wants to use me again for shows....sure...but i'll do it 100% bobby way. so i'm screwed. I have loyalites, and bobby was the standard, and will always follow, bobby is class.
Not like i don't have good rep with other people...tons...infact. and i've had 8 people to date tell me i have balls or moxie asking for money since i lost my job last 3 weekends. My thought is no balls....survival...don't ask...don't get.

future...i wish i knew........adventure and travel...all i know.
» (No Subject)
Not tons to talk about.

Birthday was great...4th of July party was great, and this sunday is world cup is on.
Actually started looking for work. I want to leave mid sept so wondering if i could just do some temp work and sell stuff to make it through.
I'm sure i'll figure it out.

Having a great faire so far. Found a fun playmate to do things with for the time being. It's odd it's almost over.
» (No Subject)
I haven't been blonde for a bit...still not completly...

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» (No Subject)
I am back home. well back to where my stuff lives.
The trip back was thankfully uneventful car wise. No car problems. Did have fun stopping at the Arch in St. Louis. I've driven past it countless times and never stopped. Thought this trip was the time to do so.
Met up with Imp and Pogo for the accent up the arch. Then to K.C. and got a hotel and had dinner with my sis and her fiance.
Then for the long borning 8 hour drive through Kansas. Again... uneventful for me. My friends that I was sort of caravaning with broke down and he had to get a uhaul and all that jazz.

Had a few days to rest then worked at the booth at faire and working a cold, hailing, raining days. Now this weekend promises to be 90's....from freezing to blazing.

As I always do, I miss Atlanta after i leave. But I do plan on working N. Carolina faire this fall so a few hours away. As always I find new friends I get to miss, which means i just have to keep traveling so I can see them all.

That's about all folks!
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